Preview Poki Game: APB

Since there were quite a few worthy projects that could be personally touched at IgroMir, we almost missed the inconspicuous All Points Bulletin . He did not have his own stand, but he lived in a stuffy part of Electronic Arts , where they played a rather old video on the monitor. It seemed that "Electronics" just showed how interesting they are going to release. But soon it became known that there was something better at the exhibition than a working version of this MMO - somewhere among us were developers from Friv5Online Games Studio. Therefore, we caught them and interrogated them, and everything that we managed to find out is in this material.

A few words about what the Poki game has become known for. First, its developers once worked on Grand Theft Auto., and now they are creating an MMO like GTA , where there is a real big city with bandits and cops. Secondly, many have seen the character generation system - one of the most beautiful among all online (and not only ...) projects. Thirdly, the developers create a non-standard multiplayer world with skills, hero development and a bunch of parameters. APB is a cross between Counter-Strike and Second Life.

Now do you understand why the Poki game attracts attention? So many oddities have gathered in one code ... However, there is not much information on the Internet (despite the closed beta test that has already started). Therefore, we came to the developers, almost plainly and not understanding what would be in front of us. And they managed to eliminate our illiteracy at least a little (although they still have enough secrets and aces in their sleeves).

So, let's start with the fact that before starting the Poki game we will need to choose the two most important and unchanging things - the gender of the character and his faction. With the first, everything is clear, we will explain the second point. There are only two factions - these are policemen and bandits. Like the Horde and Alliance in World of Warcraft. And if you stood guard over the law, then you can no longer be a bandit. And no matter how much one would like, changing the cap for a blue cap with some sign like NY will not work.

But all other parameters of the character can be easily changed. You can have plastic surgery at any time, interrupt a tattoo or change your hero's clothes. Well, as for the abilities and skills, then they will not have to be changed. Because they are simply not here.

Fellow from Friv5Online Games Studio stated that they do not want to burden the players with the distribution of some numbers, because of which the character will forever become someone. That is, they just don't like the idea of ​​classes. And closer to the developers is a dynamic system where you can choose a specialization in five minutes and then change it just as quickly. We will return to this topic later, but for now let's figure out what the heroes are doing in this world.

As already mentioned, the APB has two factions and one city. It can hold up to 10,000 people, but they cannot always see each other, since San Paro is divided into two districts and fifty more districts. All actions will take place inside them. In MMORPG, such territories are usually called “instances”. At the same time, up to 100 people can be there if the zone is combat, and up to 300 if it is peaceful.

The combat areas are the most interesting. In them there is a confrontation not only between cops and gangs, but also the robbers themselves with each other. Moreover, there are several options for rivalry. An example of one of the simplest. Let's say a bank truck with money is driving - an appetizing thing that beckons. Several clans flock to her at once, a massacre begins. Moreover, the battle is epic: in cars, using all sorts of weapons (from sniper rifles to grenade launchers) and a large number of people. And when some scoundrels will overpower others and rob the collectors, the police will receive a signal about the crime. And now the law enforcement officers will have to find and defeat the criminals.

This is one kind of confrontation. And such tasks are generated almost constantly. Another type is achievement competition. Each district has a "top list". For example, the best hijackers, the most bloodthirsty bandits, the most clever robbers, the best among the police destroyers. And the clans are trying to take these places, interfering with each other, dreaming of getting ahead. Here the developers don't even need to invent anything. The players themselves will do everything for them.

The police, however, also have some competition. Oddly enough it sounds, but there are "gangs", but only gangs of good guys. We will assume that this is competition between sites. In general, law enforcement agencies have achievements such as “the best group that neutralizes opponents without casualties,” “the most efficient,” “who solved the most cases,” and so on. Moreover, in those hours when there are no tasks, you will just have to patrol the city, drive around it, look for violations and, if something happens, neutralize the villains. For example, you can prevent an attack on collectors at an early stage by timely calling for reinforcements and killing the bandits while they are just attacking a truck or dealing with each other.

If you spit on your duties, then your rating drops, and the authorities (a certain NPC) will no longer give you honorable assignments. For example, the case of an attack on collectors will go to another clan, as well as all the laurels. After that, the comrades will look at you as at excrement, they say, because of you, we are in this dark place and cannot afford anything ...

We just talked about one district of the city, and there are fifty of them. However, any clan can easily compete and fight in several areas at once. But the more you try to grasp, the more difficult it becomes to control each individual section of the map. And a huge gang can be difficult to counter even a fairly small organization. After all, battles are taking place inside the "instance", where more than 100 people cannot be dragged.

By the way, so that there are no questions left - all achievements give decent money and exclusive sets of weapons / clothes. And one of the players will even have a monument erected in the park, if, of course, he is so cool that he deserves it.

But we have dismantled the warhead of San Paro, and there are also peaceful areas. There we will rest and do all sorts of social things. Which ones? Well, for example, how do you like the job of ... a designer? You create clothes, paint on them, and then sell them at auctions for in-game currency. Or you can come up with a cool tattoo (to order) and make good money on it. Car painting can also generate good income.

But cars can still be upgraded to make them more suitable specifically for you. And also each car will have a unique radio. Moreover, those songs that you have on your computer or in your account at will start playing. And when you drive around the city, others will be able to hear your compositions. True, provided that users have them. If not, then something from the same author or in the same musical direction will be heard from the speakers. In general, if you love Alla Pugacheva and you hear "Arlecchino" from your car, there is a chance that others will enjoy "A Million Scarlet Roses", "The Real Colonel", Philip Kirkorov or Madonna.

This is how the city lives. There are simple tasks, great motivation and money that beckons everyone. But now the question is - what do the hard coins give? And how did the developers replace the standard MMORPG leveling? After all, it keeps millions of users in hundreds of other virtual worlds.

Finance is needed here for the purchase of weapons, new cars and improvements for them. They are also useful for the social part (we have already said about things and tattoos above). But what will replace the development of the hero is not yet clear. The developers say that seasoned players are practically indistinguishable from newbies. However, it also slipped in their speeches that a good weapon must be earned and a new car is also quite difficult to get.

Apparently, something akin to the current situation inModern Warfare 2 . At first, everyone has one weapon, but gradually new ones are discovered. It is not that it is stronger than the previous one, other guns provide other tactics as well. And some people like a machine gun that shoots three bullets more than one that can discharge a clip into an enemy in two seconds.

With skills, perhaps, there will be something similar. All of them will turn out to be purely combat and will be allowed to change depending on what mission we are going on. So far, this seems to be the most correct and logical decision. Take the entire system from Modern Warfare 2 , because it is almost ideal for action movies.

So far, this part of the Poki game - motivational - is the most incomprehensible. How will we get new guns, for what, are there any upgrades to them and how to get them? APB needs to keep users for years, how will it do it?

The developers answer all these questions something like this: “Now we will release the finished version, but then we will be actively engaged in additions. And we will do what the players say. We are already reading forums and looking for something that is interesting not to us, but to users. " As a result, neighborhoods with new features will begin to appear. Somewhere there will be constantly races, somewhere shooting zombies (maybe this, it all depends on the desires of APB fans ). And now it is impossible to say for sure what we will get in the end...

All Points Bulletin- the project is innovative and interesting, we have not seen anything like it before. Will the developers be able to make this entertainment long-lasting? So far, the question is, but the fact that at least a month or two will be interesting and fun is a fact. Therefore, get ready to fork out, you just have to buy the Poki game. Otherwise, there is a great chance to skip the alternative MMO development branch.

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