Makeup corrector: types and rules of application

How to choose the right makeup corrector and what should be taken into account? Perfect faces happen only on movie screens, advertising brochures and in our dreams! But nevertheless, every self-respecting girl wants to be, if not perfect, then very beautiful. And a beautiful and even complexion, smooth skin, absence of pimples, inflammation, dark circles under the eyes – these are almost the most important components of beauty and grooming.But even if nature has not rewarded you with porcelain skin without flaws, you should not worry about this if there is a properly selected makeup corrector in your makeup bag. This "magic" remedy can easily mask any skin imperfections: from age-related age spots, to shallow scars and chipped patches left after chickenpox.Just keep in mind that correctors are different! A tool designed to hide one problem is completely unsuitable for another. So, corrective tonal pencils designed to mask small rashes on the face should not be used as a "weapon" against dark circles under the eyes – the texture is too dense! Therefore, it is necessary to focus on the types of corrective means.Types of correctors1. A corrector that improves the complexion. Usually, such products do not have a toning, but rather a masking effect. They are used according to the type of makeup base (immediately before applying foundation). They have creamy, crumbly, solid and semi-liquid structures. Available in different colors. Each color eliminates a specific problem. So, green and yellow-cream colors help to hide redness, rosacea, allergic reactions. Pink corrector successfully fights age-related age spots, as well as the so-called "pigmentation of pregnant women". White – whitens the skin, which is very important for those who have freckles. Orange – hides bruises, cuts and irritations. Purple – reduces the yellow color of the skin.2. Tonal corrector. It is a creamy or semi-liquid product that resembles a foundation. Shades – close to the natural skin color. They are mainly used on delicate areas of the face (for example, the skin around the eyes). They contain reflective particles that give the face an additional beautiful glow. They are applied to a foundation or directly to clean and moisturized skin of the face.3. Masking pencil. A means of pinpoint exposure to pimples and small skin rashes. The texture is solid. The colors are close to natural. It is available in the form of a pencil or stick of various thicknesses.Rules for applying the corrector1. After application, the corrector must be carefully shaded so that it is invisible on the skin. Let it be your little secret!2. To mask dark circles under the eyes, you should choose a tonal corrector with reflective particles 2 tones lighter than the natural skin tone.3. The more convex and noticeable the problem area is (pimple, scar, acne), the denser the texture of the corrector should be.4. Professional proofreaders cope with their tasks better than the means of more mass demand. Therefore, the highest quality correctors are sold in professional markets.5. At home, it is better to use some one remedy for correcting skin imperfections. To learn how to handle the entire color range of correctors correctly, it will take more than one month. And with everyday makeup, the "game of color" is not so necessary, since the daytime image assumes minimalism and moderation.

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