How to choose a walker?

1. The foundation. The wider, more stable and stronger it is, the better. Even better, if there is a front rubberized, spring-loaded bumper that will prevent bumps if the child crashes into something.2. Wheels. At least five of them, a maximum of ten. A larger number guarantees the stability of the walker. The easier they spin and turn, the easier it will be to walk. Sometimes there are devices with floating wheels that help to turn around quickly but carefully, and with a stopper that allows you to fix the structure in one position.3. The seat. Thanks to him, it is easier for the child to stand. In the area of the seat located between the legs, most of the load is concentrated, which requires special comfort of this part. To prevent rubbing of the perineum, the softness of the seat should be medium, and the design should be wide. If there is a soft inner bumper, it's generally great. Pay attention to the depth of the seat so that the baby does not fall out of the device. It is good if the seat is equipped with a removable cover. If you want the walker to be multifunctional, replacing the rocking chair, take a closer look at a very soft chair that guarantees ventilation. The seat should be covered from the outside not with an ordinary cloth, but with an oilcloth or other material that is easy to wash. It is important that there is also a solid, firmly fixed backrest.4. Table top. Parents can choose from a removable/fixed tray, a panel for playing games or playing music (with or without special effects).Ensuring the safety of the device height. It should match the height of the child, which is much easier if there are different height levels in the walker. The more of them, the easier it is to provide comfort to the baby and protect it from damage.Important:- The height should be changed only with the participation of adults, and not arbitrarily, otherwise the baby may fall. Also, to prevent the danger of folding the walker, take into account the maximum possible load indicated by the manufacturers (check the passport - it is often about 12-15 kg).- If you see a model where the levels change due to the adjustment of the lower part of the seat, immediately leave - it is very unsafe for the child.Coordination. To control the correctness of movements, some models are equipped with a special handle for parents.Minimum space. Walkers are easy to store and transport, because they fold perfectly - with an accordion or by bending the support posts.Features of the applicationit is imperative to talk to a pediatrician before buying - he will tell you which model is preferable. Moreover, it is forbidden to use it for rickets, low / high tone, problems with the spine or legs.You can give a walker to a baby starting from six months - up to this point the spine is still weak, so the baby involuntarily bends, which leads to abdominal pain and can cause further serious diseases, for example, scoliosis or osteochondrosis. But first of all, it is necessary to focus on whether the baby gets up and whether he can sit smoothly, without falling over, without the help of parents.So, you are going to use this device. Adjust the height level so that the foot is completely on the floor, and the knees and hip joints are slightly bent. The child should sit deep.Do not overwork the child - it is dangerous for the spine. Let him train for about half an hour a couple of times a day (or even once if he gets very tired).Watch the process all the time, protecting the baby from ladders, piercing and cutting objects and other dangers.Take into account the requirements for the maximum growth of the child when using a walker - no more than 78-85 cm.As soon as the baby can walk normally by himself, the walker should no longer be used. You asked to find a casino that operates on blockchain technology. Meet Fairspin Casino which was the first in this field.

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