In 2015 at the FISM WCM he took 1st Place in General Magic and received many rave reviews as a magician who does the most beautiful magical expressions from world famous magicians such as Franz Harazy, Luis De Mato and Cryil.

He has also received calls of praise from show produces from the Cirque De Sole, Illusionist’s, Impossible and more.

“His magic with sand caught the TV viewers’ eyes at once. He shows magic with a dreamlike atmosphere with matching music. Particularly, the scene which falling sands changed into a piece of stick is a source of wonder.” [tar News, SY Yun]

“…sometimes objects seem to have minds of their own. There’s no mistaking their contrariness which combines polished illusion. Performed wordlessly, the acts occasionally incorporate magnificent sleight of hand.
Produce a metal hoop from sand particles and then dissolve it into the same. ‘Wizards Without Wands’” [The New York Times]