michel huot

Even though he started magic in his twenties, Michel Huot quickly became a true

professional and has been one of Montreal’s busiest corporate magicians of the

past 20 years. 

His creations appeared in MAGIC, GENII, David Acer’s Natural Selections II,

SWITCH (John Lovick), Mentalism for Kids (Paul Rohmany), The Magic Menu

(Jim Sisti) and so on. He lectured all around the globe and his Penguin lecture is

one of the underground’s best. He has been an attendee at the FFFF Convention

for more than 20 years.

He is a regular in comedy clubs and, in his down time, he has been co-organizing

an international magic festival in Algeria for 7 years. His focus is on hands-on

commercial magic, real practical magic that can be done in the real world.

He is the creator of Best-selling tricks PRICELESS, SOCKS Dirty Poll, Nostalgia

and more.

Besides his magic and humor, you will fall in love with Michel’s charisma.