Jérôme Helfenstein

This talented young performer provides new insight into the aesthetic approach to shadow art by combining it with sleight of hand and modern imaging techniques. Actual shadows and graphic images blend to create a story in shadow and light.

So turn off the lights and watch shadows come to life in a unique show filled with subdued, refined and poetic beauty which lets emotions take over and instantly leads the spectator to new destinations.

Winner of Mandrake d’Or and the first Price French Championship of Magic, Jérôme performs all over the world. He attended at important National Festivals of Magic in France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Portugal, in the USA. He also participated at FISM in Stockholm. He has appeared on several and important TV programs, one of this is Le Plus Grand Cabaret du monde.

He has worked for very important companies like Louis Vuitton, Rolex, BPI, IBM e Dior.